Downgrading DSMR-reader

If for some reason you need to downgrade the application, you will need to:

  • unapply database migrations.
  • switch the application code version to a previous release.


First, please make sure you have a recent backup of your database!

Each release has it’s database migrations locked. You should execute the script of the version you wish to downgrade to. And then switch the code to the release/tag accordingly.


You do not need to downgrade to each intermediate version between your target. For example, if you currently run v5.6 and your want to downgrade to v5.4, just follow the sample below, ignoring v5.5 between them.

For example when downgrading to v5.4:

sudo su - dsmr
sh dsmrreader/provisioning/downgrade/
git checkout tags/v5.4.0


Unapplying the database migrations may take a while.

You should now be on the targeted release.