Troubleshooting: Enable DEBUG logging

DSMR-reader has DEBUG logging, which makes the system log very verbosely about what it’s trying to do and why it executes or skips certain actions.

This applies specifically to the dsmr_backend process and its log.


Errors are likely to be logged at all times, no matter the logging level used. DEBUG logging is only helpful to watch DSMR-reader’s detailed behaviour, when debugging issues.

The DEBUG logging is disabled by default, to reduce the number writes on the filesystem.


Don’t forget to disable DEBUG logging whenever you are done debugging.

You can enable the DEBUG logging by setting the DSMRREADER_LOGLEVEL env var to DEBUG. Follow these steps:

  • Make sure you are dsmr user by executing:

    sudo su - dsmr
  • Open the .env file and look for the code below:

    ### Logging level.
  • Now remove the ### from this line:

  • It should now be:

  • After editing the file, all processes need to be restarted to reflect the change. Go back to the root user or sudoer with:

  • And restart:

    sudo supervisorctl restart all
  • All done!