If anything happens to fail or malfunction, please follow the steps below first to provide some background information when reporting an issue.

Log files

Always start by checking the log files for errors.

DSMR-reader technically consists of these processes (some may or may not be used by you) and they are watched by Supervisor:

Webinterface dsmr_webinterface
Datalogger dsmr_datalogger
Backend dsmr_backend

Each has its own log file(s):

Webinterface /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_webinterface.log
Datalogger /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_datalogger.log
Backend /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_backend.log


The logfiles may be stale due to rotation. To see all logs for a process, try tailing a wildcard pattern, e.g.:

sudo tail -f /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_webinterface*
sudo tail -f /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_datalogger*
sudo tail -f /var/log/supervisor/dsmr_backend*


You can view the status of all processes by running:

sudo supervisorctl status

Any processes listed, should have the status RUNNING. Stale or crashed processes can be restarted with:

sudo supervisorctl restart <name>
sudo supervisorctl restart dsmr_backend
sudo supervisorctl restart ...

Or to restart them all simultaneously:

sudo supervisorctl restart all

Debug info dump for Github issues

You can supply additional debug info by executing the “dsmr_debuginfo” command and copying its output into your issue on Github.


The “dsmr_debuginfo” command is available since DSMR-reader v4.4 and higher.

Execute the following command:

sudo su - dsmr
./ dsmr_debuginfo

Copy its output to your Github issue.

Logging levels

If the processes do run, but you cannot find an error, (e.g.: things seem to hang or tend to be slow), there might be another issue at hand.

DSMR-reader has DEBUG-logging, which makes the system log very verbosely about what it’s trying to do. This applies specifically to the dsmr_backend process.


Errors are likely to be logged at all times, no matter the DEBUG-logging level used. Debugging is only helpful to watch DSMR-reader’s detailed behaviour.

The DEBUG-logging is disabled by default, to reduce writes on the filesystem. You can enable the logging by following these steps:

  • Make sure you are dsmr user by executing sudo su - dsmr.

  • Open the .env file and look for the code below:

    ### Logging level.
  • Now remove the ### from this line:

  • It should now be:

  • After editing the file, all processes need to be restarted. To do this, you can either execute:

  • Or go back to the sudo user and execute:

    sudo supervisorctl restart all
  • All done!

Unprocessed telegrams

Are you experiencing lots of unprocessed telegrams? You may have excessive data stored, causing a drag in performance. More information can be found here.


Are you unable to resolve your problem or do you need any help? More information can be found here.