Installation: Restore database backup


Only follow these step if you want to restore a backup in PostgreSQL.

Restoring a backup will replace any existing data stored in the database and is irreversible!

This assumes you’ve not yet reinstalled DSMR-reader and created an empty database.


To be clear: Do not restore your database if you’ve either started the application and/or ran migrate in some way.

Doing so WILL cause trouble with duplicate data/ID’s and break your installation at some point.

Compressed (default)

To restore a compressed backup (.gz), run:

zcat <PATH-TO-POSTGRESQL-BACKUP.sql.gz> | sudo -u postgres psql dsmrreader

Uncompressed (legacy)

To restore an uncompressed backup (.sql), run:

sudo -u postgres psql dsmrreader -f <PATH-TO-POSTGRESQL-BACKUP.sql>

Restore failure

You should not see any errors regarding duplicate data or existing ID’s or whatever.


If you do encounter errors while restoring the backup in an empty database, create an issue at Github and do not continue.

More information can be found here.